Magical Lake Velence Magical Lake Velence 29/04/2021

Lake Velence used to be larger and deeper than it is now: it has dried up 14 times over the last 1500 years. Today, it is the third largest natural lake in Hungary (more…)

Enter WMOC Important Informations Collected 28/04/2021

We thought that it may be useful and practical to collect the most important information about the event for you as the first entry deadline is approaching (3rd May). You can find them below! (more…)

WMOC logo for COVID-19 Update COVID-19 Info Update 27/04/2021

The new COVID update has come out, it can be found on our webpage.
It seems that the peak of the 3rd wave has passed in Hungary. (more…)

Nógrád Grand Prix Spring Orienteering Season in Hungary 26/04/2021

Last weekend the 2021 Nógrád Grand Prix took place near the city of Salgótarján in Hungary. (more…)

Organisation Still on Track 25/04/2021

We are working tirelessly to deliver a safe and professional WMOC. (more…)

Sarolta Monspart Passed Away 24/04/2021

Sarolta Monspart, World Orienteering Champion in 1972, died Saturday morning at the age of 76. “Saci” passed away following a long-term illness. (more…)

Technical T-shirt Giveaway 23/04/2021

The time has come to win an official WMOC 2021 technical T-shirt in the colour you like the most! (more…)

Viktor Morandini interview Interview with the Technical Director 21/04/2021

The organizers of WMOC are constantly working on the race, we asked Viktor Morandini about the work process and the courses. (more…)

Ingó-kő Cube rock formation Hungarian Stonehenge 20/04/2021

The Velence Hills were formed about 300 million years ago during the carboniferous era and their defining part is made up of granite. Many exciting things happened above the surface during this time. (more…)

Only 14 days until entry deadline Entry Deadline 19/04/2021
Only 2 weeks left until the first entry deadline!
We recently changed the cancellation policy, so you can secure your place in this year’s WMOC confidently.
Make your entries now at!