The Opening Ceremony of WMOC 2021 will take place at the Sprint Final arena in Székesfehérvár Downtown (GPS: 47.18970, 18.40798). Participants (competitors, organisers and guests) are asked to gather at the stage in the arena at 12:50. The national flags will be carried in the parade, and a short programme with music and speeches will follow.


Prize-giving ceremonies will be held at the respective arenas after each of the three Finals days. IOF gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the three best-placed competitors in each age group for men and women in the A-Finals. Before the start of the prize-giving ceremony, all medal winners will be invited to approach the ceremony podium. The time for this will be announced by the speaker.
For each age group the three best men and women respectively will be escorted to the podium as one group in order for all 6 medallists to receive their medals at the same time.


No banquet will be held.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony will be held after the Long Final race in the arena at Csákvár. The IOF flag will be handed over to the 2022 WMOC organisers from Italy.