How to reach Velence and WMOC 2021?

Budapest International Airport (BUD) is connected with direct flights to more than 100 destinations, including most European capitals. The airport is situated 20 km south-east of the Hungarian capital, with good public transport available. The downtown area can be reached by public transport (bus and metro) in 40 minutes. Uber is not available in Hungary, but there are other taxi services available also for budget transport.

Several car rental companies have their offices at the airport. The WMOC 2021 Event Centre in Velence is only 73 km from the airport and it takes only 50 minutes using motorways!

Velence’s railway station is 2 hours by public transport from BUD airport (bus + train) and 80 minutes from downtown Budapest.

Budapest has regular train connections to Zürich, Prague, Warsaw, Munich, Vienna, Moscow and several other European cities. All of Budapest’s railway stations are centrally located.