Sprint Qualification race, 7th August

Venue: Székesfehérvár, Bregyóközi Szabadidő központ. GPS: 47.20418,18.39811. Entrance is only possible from the northwest!

Getting there and parking:
Go to the part of the big ring road around Székesfehérvár, which is north-west of the city where a Lidl supermarket is situated. Signs start at 47.20473, 18.38685, which is one of the big roundabouts. Follow the signs exiting the roundabout to the southeast – the parking area is 800 metres away.
Please note that there can be major traffic jams on the M7 motorway, and Saturday mornings can be especially problematic with people travelling to Lake Balaton!
GPS parking entrance: 47.20352, 18.39349
The distance from the parking area to the arena is 150-300 metres.
No transport is provided by the organisers to the Sprint Qualification finish area, as it’s accessible by public transport. Please ask the Event Office for details.
Please note, that the embargoed area needs to be vacated by 8:00! For those staying in Best Western Plus Lakeside Hotel, we insist walking out towards the west to Szeder Street and approach the arena on the western edge of the embargoed area (1.5 km on foot, no markings are provided). A campsite is also located inside the embargoed area.

Tour group bus information
Tour group buses should follow signs to the parking area. They can unload passengers at the entrance to the parking area (350 metres from the arena).

Overview map – Sprint Qualification Parking


Distance from Arena to start 1: 720 m. Follow black-and-yellow ribbons.
Distance from Arena to start 2: 300 m. Follow blue-and-white ribbons.
There are no toilets and refreshments at the start as the arena is close enough.
The first start is at 10:00 and the last start at around 12:30. Public event first start is at 13:00.

Terrain – Székesfehérvár North
The area consists of a huge urban park with numerous flowerbeds and a big lake, surrounded by blocks of flats, schools, etc. The part close to the Finish has various sports fields and some tricky out-of-bounds areas (private properties, flower beds, etc.) and fences. Visibility and runnability are both excellent.
Some roads have light traffic which will be regulated during the competition. The terrain is almost completely flat. Besides the lake, there are a few uncrossable canals in the terrain. All water features in the Sprint Qualification terrain are uncrossable! These shall only be crossed on the marked bridges. Utility pipelines are also crossing the canal, these are not marked on the map and are forbidden to use as crossing points. Pipelines which may be mistaken for bridges are closed with red-and-white tape.
Out-of-bounds areas which are not obvious on the ground, are marked by red-and-white tape, which is also demonstrated at the Sprint Model Event.
You will encounter some artificial impassable fences (ISSprOM 518) in the park next to the arena. Race marshals will supervise the area – crossing the red-and-white tapes will lead to disqualification.



Special features, Sprint Qualification race:

Different types of bridges:

Uncrossable canal:

Some fences may only be 1,3 metres high, but are still uncrossable.
Uncrossable fence:

Tubes across the canals are not mapped and shall not be used for crossing!

Black cross (x) – playground objects, fitness park objects, football goalpost
Black circle (o) – high electric pole

Club tents
Club tents are welcome in the designated areas besides the arena. The seats of the grandstand of the athletics stadium can be used also. There is a shaded area at the top of the grandstand. In case of heavy rain, it will be possible to use the indoor running facility under the grandstand. Entrance is at the northern corner of the building.

Course Details
All maps are size A4+ (height: 305 mm, width 210 mm), except for the M60-1 and M60-2 classes, which use A3+ size maps (height 420 mm, width 305 mm).
The length is given as the shortest possible running distance. The climbing in every course is less than 10 metres.

Sprint Qualification
Class Start # Length Controls
M35-1 1 4260 m 25
M40-1 1 4060 m 26
M45-1 1 3800 m 25
M50-1 1 3270 m 24
M50-2 1 3200 m 23
M55-1 1 3190 m 18
M55-2 1 3220 m 19
M60-1 1 3200 m 20
M60-2 1 3200 m 19
M65-1 1 3000 m 14
M65-2 1 2910 m 15
M70-1 2 2270 m 14
M70-2 2 2300 m 13
M75-1 2 1770 m 13
M75-2 2 1820 m 12
M80-1 2 1700 m 10
M85-1 2 1370 m 11
M90-1 2 900 m 7
M95-1 2 900 m 7
W35-1 1 3690 m 25
W40-1 1 3000 m 14
W45-1 1 2950 m 15
W50-1 1 2920 m 16
W55-1 1 2420 m 16
W60-1 1 2400 m 17
W65-1 1 2370 m 15
W70-1 2 1810 m 11
W75-1 2 1760 m 10
W80-1 2 1370 m 11
W85-1 2 900 m 7
W90-1 2 900 m 7
W95-1 2 900 m 7