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WMOC 2021 – COVID Bulletin
published on 3rd August 2021


This COVID Bulletin of the WMOC 2021 is published on 3rd August 2021.
If something changes between the publication of this document and the first day of WMOC, it will be communicated on the event website.
We recommend everyone to follow our website (www.wmoc2021.hu) every day until the event.

Entering Hungary

This Bulletin only contains information about staying in Hungary and participating in the event.
Travel restrictions are not specified here, since it varies from country to country.
Please be aware that you are responsible to investigate or find out currently valid entry rules by yourself. Entry rules may change frequently, please check the latest version.
If something is not clear we are always there to help, please contact us via e-mail (info@wmoc2021.hu).
If you need an invitation letter, you can ask for one also on this e-mail address.

Responsibility to report illness
  • If anyone starts to feel sick (especially with the symptoms of Covid-19 disease such as fever, loss of smell or taste, cough, fatigue, headache, sore throat, cold or runny nose, shortness of breath, diarrhea, or unexplained loss of appetite) during WMOC, he/she is obligated to notify the Event Office (info@wmoc2021.hu, +36 70 334 57 00) and immediately seek medical assistance.
  • The affected person, and any roommate, shall immediately self-isolate and communicate by telephone or e-mail only.
Current restrictions in Hungary
  • Face masks are only mandatory in hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Everyone, who is allowed to enter the country is allowed to be accommodated.
  • Shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and all services may be open without any restriction. Masks and immunity certificates are not needed.
  • Leisure facilities, including museums, theatres, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and zoos, are open for visitors. Masks and immunity certificates are not needed for entry.
  • Sport events can be organised, there are no restriction about who can take part.
Safety measures during the event
  • Please always keep social distance, at least 1.5 m.
    Face masks are mandatory during the accreditation process.
  • We recommend using face masks during ceremonies and when you stand in a queue (e.g. at the buffet line, toilets, luggage storage, starts etc.).
  • Wash hands frequently using soap or use sanitizer/disinfectant (these will be available in the arenas and in the starts).
  • Avoid unnecessary contacts, especially indoors.
  • Cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue or an elbow.

Please note, that even if you are vaccinated, you may still spread the virus, even if you don’t have symptoms!

COVID numbers in Hungary

(population of Hungary: appr. 9.8 million)

  • Around 50-100 new cases daily
  • More than 5.6 million people have been vaccinated, of which more than 5.4 million have already received their second vaccination.

Why does the IOF still care about Covid-19 safety at events when society is opening up again and restrictions are being lessened in most areas? There are 2 main reasons:

  • The safety and well-being of athletes is the first priority. As the medical experts express it, each infection of an athlete with Covid-19 is a risk to the individual. Even though we so far have seen only cases with less serious consequences, Covid-19 is a dangerous virus and with potential consequences which have caused athletes in other sports to end their careers. We would like to avoid that risk. Broad vaccination programs have shown to reduce the seriousness of Covid infections, but we also know that most of our elite and younger athletes have not yet had the opportunity to become fully vaccinated. Until that is the case and until medical expertise recommends differently, we need to take Covid seriously.
  • Each infected individual also represents a risk for spreading the virus to others. The IOF feels that we collectively have a societal responsibility to decrease the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable individuals both locally where we have events and at home. With the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus and increased international travel there has been an increase in imported cases in many countries with resulting increase in hospitalisations. During WOC 2021, there were 15 known COVID-19 cases, of which only 2 were incurred during the WOC week on site in the Czech Republic. The other 13 cases were discovered at home and represent a risk of spread to family, friends and acquaintances.

During WOC 2021 there were 15 known COVID-19 cases.
Please try to take good care of each other so that this number would be zero (or definitely smaller) at WMOC 2021!

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