WMOC 2021 – COVID Update #8
7th June 2021

changes to the previous version are highlighted in yellow

Event status: WMOC 2021 will be held definitely, regardless of the number of entrants.

Entry deadlines: The deadlines written in Bulletin 1 and Bulletin 1.5 apply.

Current entry restrictions into Hungary: Non-Hungarian citizens who are participants of an international sports event held in Hungary can enter the country with a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test not older than 3 days. Citizens of Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Moldova and 6 other countries may enter without a PCR test if they had been vaccinated or had been infected with COVID less than 6 months before entering Hungary. New EU immunity certificates will be in effect from 1st July which will allow EU citizens to travel within EU borders, see details below.
Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc airport is open, with more and more routes reintroduced.

Current accommodation restrictions: Participants of international sports events are allowed to be accommodated.

Further restrictions:

  • The curfew has been lifted from 23rd May.
  • Face masks are no longer mandatory in public spaces.
  • Public areas, parks are open.
  • Shops and all services may be open again without any restriction. Face masks are mandatory indoors.
  • Restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs may be open without any restrictions. Guests need to wear face masks indoors but not outdoors on the terraces. Indoor facilities may be visited only by guests who have immunity certificates.
  • From 1st May leisure facilities, including museums, theatres, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and zoos, are open for visitors with immunity certificates and they can take along underaged family members.
  • Sport events can be organised, everyone can take part in the competition. Spectators need to have an immunity certificate and they can take along underaged family members.

COVID numbers in Hungary: (population of Hungary: appr. 10 million)

  • Around 250 new cases daily.
  • 58,969 active cases (down from 74,569 one week ago).
  • 599 coronavirus patients are hospitalised (down from 981 one week ago).
  • 5,261,781 people have been vaccinated (up from 5,146,949 one week ago), of which 3,994,595 have already received their second vaccination.


  • From 7th April the opening of the country has started.
  • The 3rd wave has passed in Hungary.
  • New EU immunity card is expected to be introduced by 1st July. All EU citizens can claim this card in their own country, but the format of the certificate will be the same within the EU. The certificate will be available in card format and online (QR code). The certificate will include the following information:
    • time of vaccination (1st and 2nd – if needed)
    • type of vaccine
    • whether the owner has been infected with COVID in the past and the time of the PCR test which justify the infection
    • results of the PCR tests of the owner
  • All EU members (Hungary included) have to accept this certificate. Competitors will definitely be allowed to enter Hungary if their certificate claims one of the following:
    • they have a negative PCR test not older than 3 days
    • they have been infected in the last 6 months
    • they have got their 2nd vaccination more than 14 days before the competition
    • The only question is whether people will be allowed to enter Hungary after the 1st vaccination. This will be announced soon.
  • Large national orienteering events are held every weekend in Hungary. This weekend more than 1.000 participants will take part in the Hungarian Middle Distance & Relay Championships.

Other information:

  • The event will only be cancelled, if the government doesn’t allow it to be held, but this is becoming more and more unlikely. In this case we offer full money back guarantee, not even the 30 EUR communicated in Bulletin 1 will be held back.
  • We are working on a solution to help the competitors get visa to travel to Hungary (e.g. Russia). Right now we can only provide an invitation letter for the competitors who have already made their entries

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