Technical Model Event, 6th August

The technical model event is at the Event Centre in Velence.
Time: 14:00 – 19:00, Friday 6th August
The technical model event will show how the Start and Finish will be set up in all races. 4 controls with full competition equipment are also placed in the school park, so punching (also with SIAC) can also be tested. A small map is available on site for this technical model event. Note that the terrain is not relevant for either of the competitions.
If you have turned on your SIAC in the start (by punching the “check” box), don’t forget to switch it off in the finish. Otherwise you risk that your SIAC battery may get drained for the competitions!

Getting there and parking
GPS: 47.24258, 18.64774
Parking is possible at the Event Centre.

Service: WC, drinking water and a snack shop selling various refreshments, coffee, cakes and ice cream is available at the Event Centre.

Sprint Model Event, 6th August

Venue: the venue for the Sprint Model Event is conveniently placed between the Sprint Qualification and Sprint Final areas in Székesfehérvár.

Time: 10:00 – 19:00, Friday 6th August

Map: Székesfehérvár Strand, 1:4,000 and 1:3,000. Contour interval: 2,5 metres.

Getting there and parking:
There will be no signs leading to the parking area or the arena. Parking can be chosen freely outside the embargoed areas, but please note that there is a parking fee in most parts of Székesfehérvár on Friday. The parking area used for the Sprint Final race is free of charge, but please check if you really park at a “free” place!
GPS for the main parking area: 47.18926, 18.40594
GPS for the finish sign on the map: 47.19204, 18.40420
No transport is provided by the organisers to the Sprint model event area, since it’s accessible by public transport. Please ask the Event Office for details.

Tour group bus information: Tour group buses can drop off people at the main parking area (47.18926, 18.40594) and also can park here.

The Sprint model area is situated between the Sprint Qualification and Sprint Final terrains. A big road going from east to west separates the southern part – which is relevant for the Sprint Final from the northern part – relevant for the Sprint Qualification. The northern part consists of residential areas with a couple of schools and a park, while the southern part has office buildings with courtyards.
Special care has been taken to present various different mapping and course features. Note that if there is any doubt, areas which are mapped as private (with olive green) are marked with a red-and-white tape in the terrain to show that they must not be crossed. This is also the case in both Sprint races.

Course details:
16 controls are placed in the area. They can be visited in any order and without time control. The controls don’t have SPORTident equipment. The model event represents both Sprint race areas, map and control placements.

Overview map

Competition area – out of bounds
Please respect the out of bounds areas marked on the model event map. Entering the competition area for the Sprint races with a map (other than that of the Sprint model event) may lead to disqualification from the Sprint races.

Service: There are no shops at the model finish area, however there are numerous shops close by. The nearby Alba Plaza shopping mall (to the south of the model event finish area) also has several food shops. Water and toilets are available at the model event finish area, but first aid facilities are not available.