There is a hard embargo for forest terrains (basically no entry allowed) and a soft embargo on the Sprint terrains. This means that staying in the Székesfehérvár embargoed areas is possible until 2 hours before the start of the respective race, but you must not orienteer (reconnoitre) in the embargoed area or to test route choices running or walking with a map. Access to the embargoed areas, unless following instructions from the organisers, will lead to disqualification. Also, competitors are not allowed to re-enter the Sprint Qualification or Finals areas after they have finished their race and before the last WMOC competitor has finished her / his race.
The embargo for the Forest Qualification area will remain until the end of the Long Final race. Still, it’s possible to visit the Long Final model event area as defined by the model event map on Thursday, 12th August.

Old maps

Sprint Qualification


Sprint Final


Middle Final


Forest Qualification and Long Final


Training possibilities 

Competitions held in similar terrains before WMOC 2021 will be listed on with a link to the event.

Hungária Cup will be organised on 30th June – 4th July near Csór on similar type of terrain. The competition includes a sprint race in Várpalota.

Maps of similar areas for self-training can be provided by the organisers – contact The organiser will not provide controls, etc. before WMOC 2021.