The Event Centre is located in the Entz Ferenc Agricultural Secondary School in Velence. The school has big halls and a square for accreditation, etc. and a huge parking area also for buses inside the complex. It also serves as the organisers’ headquarters. There is plenty of space for meetings and exhibitions. The Event Centre is only 2 mins by car from the nearest exit of the Budapest – Székesfehérvár – Balaton motorway (M7). Lake Velence with an open-air bath and a huge campsite is just a 10-minute walk away. Most Event Centre services are accessible online throughout the event to insure COVID-19 compliant operations.
The address for the Event Centre is 2481 Velence, Ország út 19.
GPS coordinates: 47.24258, 18.64774

From Budapest Airport

At the airport take bus 100E to Kálvin tér. There, change to metro line M4 and go to Kelenföld vasútállomás. Here, take the train (S30, Z30, G30, G43…) in the direction of Székesfehérvár and get off at Velence.

From Székesfehérvár

By train: from Székesfehérvár vasútállomás (railway station) take the train (S30, Z30, G30, G43) in the direction of Budapest, Déli pályaudvar and get off at Velence.
By bus: from Székesfehérvár autóbusz-állomás (bus station) take bus (707, 747, 748, 749, 757) and get off at Velence, Templom köz, then walk 400 metres to the Event Centre.

From Velence railway station

From Velence, vasúti megállóhely (railway station) bus stop take bus (707, 757) towards Sukoró-Pákozd-Székesfehérvár and get off at Velence, Templom köz then walk 400 metres to the Event Centre or walk 2.2km directly.
Note: You may want to get off at Kápolnásnyék railway station instead of Velence (the railway stop closer to Budapest and 3.7 km from the Event Centre) and change to bus no. 748 or 749 towards Velence-Sukoró-Pákozd-Székesfehérvár and get off at Velence Templom köz, then walk 400 metres to the Event Centre. This is because buses operate approx. every hour, and 748/749 might be quicker than 707/757. We recommend menetrendek.hu for checking timetables.

Event Office

The Event Office is the information centre for WMOC 2021.
At the Event Office, you can collect your accreditation package with

  • Your start number bib(s) and safety pins
  • Your SI-card if rented
  • Pre-ordered O-shirt
  • Maps for the model events (except for the Long Final model event)
  • Pre-ordered parking ticket

You can pick up your accreditation package at the Event Office in the Event Centre in Velence by showing some kind of ID / permission from the person whose bag you are picking up. On the day of the Sprint Qualification and Forest Qualification races, you can also collect your accreditation package at the Arena Event Office. You cannot pick up your accreditation package in the arenas on the Final days, nor at the model events.

Accreditation packages for tour operators can be collected for the whole group. The bags for the group will be packed separately ready for pickup. If you are not a tour operator and you want to pick up the accreditation packages for other competitors, please bring some kind of ID / permission for that person.

At the Event Office, you will also be able to

  • Get information about public transport
  • Buy WMOC 2021 merchandise
  • Enter for WMOC Tour races

In the first days of the WMOC, the Event Office will be open for face-to-face contact in the Event Centre. On race days, the Event Office will be open for face-to-face contact in the arenas. Also during the opening hours, the Event Office can be contacted by phone at this number: +36 70 334 57 00
The Event Office can also be contacted through e-mail at info@wmoc2021.hu, but immediate answers may not always be possible.

Event Office opening hours
Thursday, 5th August 14:00-21:00 Velence (accreditation also)
Friday, 6th August 09:00-21:00 Velence (accreditation also)
Saturday, 7th August 09:00-14:00 Arena Székesfehárvár Stadium (accreditation also)
18:00-20:00 Velence
Sunday, 8th August 09:00-14:30 Arena Székesfehérvár Downtown
18:00-20:00 Velence
Monday, 9th August 16:00-20:00 Velence (accreditation also)
Tuesday, 10th August 09:00-15:00 Arena Csákvár (accreditation also)
18:00-20:00 Velence
Wednesday, 11th August 09:00-15:00 Arena Székesfehérvár, Kégl-kastély
18:00-20:00 Velence
Thursday, 12th August 18:00-20:00 Velence
Friday, 13th August 08:30-15:30 Arena Csákvár
18:00-20:00 Velence
Saturday, 14th August 08:00-11:00 Velence

You will only be able to pick up your accreditation package if your full payment has been received by the organisers. Outstanding debts can be paid on the spot in EUR.


Unfortunately we are not able to refund your payment after the last entry deadline of 12th July 2021. But if you are unable to participate we would still be pleased to know. Please notify us on info@wmoc2021.hu