7-13 August 2021, Budaörs, Székesfehérvár, Velence Hills, Vértes


Tabáni Spartacus Sport és Környezetvédő Egyesület


Event Director: Péter Divin
Secretary: Ildikó Kedl – info@wmoc2021.hu

Date Course Planner(s) Course Controller(s)
Day 1 07/08/2021 (Sat) Krisztián Liszka Zoltán Miháczi
Day 2 08/08/2021 (Sun) Gábor Forrai, Miklós Forrai Péter Molnár, András Szabó
Day 3 10/08/2021 (Tue) József Tálas, Soma Tálas Zoltán Gyulai
Day 4 11/08/2021 (Wed) Áron Bakó Zoltán Miháczi
Day 5 13/08/2021 (Fri) Ábel Sulyok János Spiegl


Velence, Dr. Entz Ferenc Secondary School of Agriculture
Address: 19 Ország street, Velence, H-2481, Hungary
GPS: 47.241763, 18.648279


5 day, individual international orienteering event. Final results are determined by the competitor’s time for all 5 days added together.


M/W 10C, 10CK, 12C, 14B, 14C, 15-18C, 16B, 18B, 20A, 21A, 21Br, 21C,
T8, T5, T3 (Open Advanced), OB (Open Beginner), OCK (Open Accompanied)

CK means that competitors may be accompanied by others. OCK has “C” difficulty.

21Br means BShort – winning time is 45 minutes for Long Distance, 30-35 minutes for Middle Distance and 12-15 minutes for Sprint.

T8, T5 and T3 categories have technical difficulty „A”, and numbers 8, 5, 3 indicate the expected lengths of Long Distance races in kilometres. In the Middle Distance, their courses will be 6 / 4,5 / 3 kms long.
The organisers reserve the right to merge classes, should there be insufficient entries in a class.


Date Start Location Distance
7th August, Saturday 13:00 Székesfehérvár Sprint
8th August, Sunday 13:00 Székesfehérvár Sprint
10th August, Tuesday 13:00 Csákvár Long
11th August, Wednesday 13:00 Pákozd Middle
13th August, Friday 13:00 Csákvár Long

All races take place right after the respective WMOC races using the same arenas, starts and competition areas.


Click on the map for more information.


Székesfehérvár (day 1 and 2): Downtown area of the old Hungarian coronation city with 10% park and 90% urban terrain. Typical old town area with smaller and bigger passages, little parks and some residential areas. Some of the courtyards are expected to be opened for the WMOC Sprint Final. Building patterns are irregular. The area has very little elevation difference. Roads inside the area will be closed, but minor traffic and walkers are expected in the complex downtown area.

The terrain for the 3 forest races (days 3-5) is mainly characterised by granite rock formations, some deep valleys, rapidly changing runnability and visibility, dense vegetation mazes, open areas and some open forest.


Mapped in 2021, scale: 1:4,000 / 2.5 m, ISSprOM 2019

Middle and Long Distance:
Mapped in 2020-2021, scale: 1:10,000 / 5 m and 1:7,500 / 5 m, ISOM 2017-2.

All „forest” maps are made from laser scanned data.
Each day’s race map will be the same as the WMOC’s corresponding race.


Based on the combined time of all 5 days, top 3 athletes will be awarded with medals, winners will receive additional prizes. There will be no prizes presented in the Open classes.


Entries can be made through OrienteeringOnline, or via e-mail to: info@wmoc2021.hu
A confirmation e-mail will be sent for all e-mail entries within 48 hours. In case you don’t receive the confirmation e-mail, please re-send your entry!


For those with their own transport a parking fee will be charged at the Forest races. Parking will be free for the Sprint races. Parking prices will be the same as for WMOC 2021.

The parking fee for a car (van, caravan) will be EUR 20 per week if ordered through e-mail (info@wmoc2021.hu) by 10th July 2021, EUR 30 if bought in the Event Centre and EUR 50 if bought in the parking area. Buses (with 25+ places) will be charged EUR 60 per bus for the whole week if booked in advance (info@wmoc2021.hu) and EUR 100 if bought in the parking area.


Entry Deadlines M/W -14 M/W 15-21 Open
1 day 5 days 1 day 5 days 1 day 5 days
Paid by: 28/05/2021
8 EUR 33 EUR 12 EUR 50 EUR 8 EUR 33 EUR
Paid by: 20/07/2021
10 EUR 40 EUR 14 EUR 57 EUR 10 EUR 40 EUR
After 10/07/2021
Paid at the Event Centre
12 EUR 47 EUR 16 EUR 65 EUR 12 EUR 47 EUR

After 25th July 2021 entries can only be made where there are vacancies in the start list in the competition classes, but without restrictions in the Open classes.


Via bank transfer or in cash at the event centre.

Bank transfer information:
Bank name: MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.
Bank address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98.
IBAN: HU11 1620 0010 1011 1077 0000 0000
Account holder: Tabáni Spartacus SKE
Account holder’s address: Attila út 2., Budapest, H-1013, Hungary

We kindly ask every club to transfer the full amount of entry fees by the payment date indicated above! The reduced entry fee will be applicable only if the payment is received by the date indicated above. All banking fees must be paid by the sender!

In case of an individual’s payment, the invoice can only include the owner’s name of the paying bank account, even if they transferred more people’s entry fee.

After the bank transfer happened, there is no possibility for cancellation or payment return. However, entries can be transferred to other persons without surcharge.

After 20th July 2021 23:59:59 bank transfers are not accepted, payment is only possible at the Event Centre in cash.


The organiser’s official partner is Travel Agency Well Travel Budapest.
They can be contacted through their official booking https://welltravel.hu/booking/orienteering2021
or through services@wmoc2021.hu. The growing list of available accommodation includes a wide range of accommodation types (high-end, medium category and budget hotels, hostels, private homes, apartments) and will also include camping and student hostel possibilities, by the beginning of April.


  • The WMOC 2021 Tour is the official public event of the WMOC 2021.
  • Children’s races will be organised each day at or near the Competition arenas.
  • The organisers are happy to take care of your children and luggage while you are running! To qualify, children must be 3 to 9 years old and nappy free. If you are interested in using our childcare services, please send a request to info@wmoc2021.hu
  • The competition will use the SPORTident punching and timing system, with Air+ functionality enabled on all days. Those without their own SIAC device will have the opportunity to hire one on site at a cost of 600 HUF (or 2 EUR) / day. Normal SPORTident cards (without Air+ function) will be available to hire one for 300 HUF (1 EUR) / day or for free for those under 14.
  • During the competition there might be special rules and recommendations in force due to COVID-19. These will be detailed in Bulletin 2.
  • Catering will be available in all competition arenas each day with hot and cold food options.
  • Any commercial activity at the Event requires prior written approval from the WMOC 2021 Event Director!
  • Orienteering is an adventure sport, all entrants are participating at their own risk!
  • We pay special attention to environmental protection. Let us all contribute to a more environmentally friendly sport!
  • The expected publication date for Bulletin 2 is 1st August 2021.