Venue: the venue for the Forest Qualification and Middle Final Model Event is the northeastern part of the Middle Final terrain in Pákozd. Don’t forget to visit the wobbling stone at the top of the terrain, which can also be found in the WMOC 2021 event logo!

Time: 09:00 – 19:00, Monday 9th August

Map: Pákozd, Ingó-kő, 1:10,000 and 1:7,500. Contour interval: 5 metres.

Getting there and parking:
Signs leading to the parking area will start in the middle of Pákozd at 47.21722, 18.54303 on road no. 8116. The parking area is 1 km north of this point. There will be officials regulating parking, so that buses can easily turn around.
GPS for the parking area: 47.222423, 18.535941

Tour group bus information: Tour group buses can drop off people at the parking area.

The model area borders the Middle Final competition area to the west. The western part of the terrain is highly relevant for the Middle Final race, while the eastern part is relevant for the Forest Qualification race. The ground is hard and is dominated by open lands with some bushes. A small portion of forest is available which is relevant for both the Forest Qualification and the Middle Final races. Runnability is very good in the open areas and between good and significantly reduced in the forest. There is very little undergrowth and the terrain is moderately hilly. There is a relatively dense network of tracks and roads in the area. There are very few water features in the area and the ground is dry. There are some rock formations mostly in the open areas, but this is not really relevant for the Middle Final race, as this competition area doesn’t have a lot of stones.

Course details:
20 controls are placed in the area. They can be visited in any order and without time control. The controls don’t have SPORTident equipment. The model event represents the race areas, map and control placements for both the Forest Qualification and the Middle Final races.
Please note that the closest control to the model event finish area is 1200 metres away with 50 m climbing!

Overview Map

Competition Area – Out Of Bounds
Please respect the out of bounds areas marked on the model event map. Entering the competition area for the Middle Final race may lead to disqualification from the forest races.

Service: There are no shops at the model finish area. First aid facilities are not available either. You can find water and toilets in the parking area.