Venue: the venue for the Long Final Model Event is the western part of the Forest Qualification terrain (only visited by the longest courses) and is on the southwest border of the Long Final terrain.

Time: 09:00 – 19:00, Thursday 12th August

Map: Gánt, Gém-hegy model, 1:10,000 and 1:7,500. Contour interval: 5 metres.

Map distribution: As the Long Final model event will take place in the same area used by the Forest Qualification 2 days before, model event maps will only be available after the Forest Qualification race is over, as follows:

  • in the Velence Event Office on 10th and 11th August
  • in the Pákozd Arena Event Office during the Middle Final race on 11th August
  • in the Long Final model event parking area on 12th August

Please only take as many model event maps as you will use on 12th August!

Getting there and parking:
From Székesfehérvár, follow road no. 8123 towards Zámoly and then further north. Signs will start at the big roundabout north of Zámoly (GPS: 47.34545, 18.40201). At the roundabout, continue north on road no. 8123 until you reach Gánt village.
From Budapest / Csákvár, signs will start at the northeast end of Csákvár on road 8126 at 47.39910, 18.47644. From here, follow road no. 8126. towards the big roundabout north of Zámoly (GPS: 47.34545, 18.40201). At the roundabout, continue north on road no. 8123 until you reach Gánt village.
Parking is at the side of the minor road. GPS for the parking area: 47.38375, 18.38341
The start / finish area for the model event is 150 metres away from the parking area.

Tour Group Bus Information: Tour group buses can park at the same place as others.

The Long Final model area is part of the Forest Qualification area and borders the Long Final competition area to the southwest. The terrain is highly relevant for the Long Final race. The ground is hard and is dominated by oak with some open areas and bushes. The terrain is moderately to very hilly, with the steeper parts more relevant to the longer courses in the Long Final race. Runnability is good in the open areas, while somewhat reduced in the forest. There is some undergrowth. There is an average network of tracks and roads in the area. There are very few water features in the area. There are some rock formations mostly in the forested areas, but there will be more stones in the Long Final competition area.

Course details:
16 controls are placed in the area. They can be visited in any order and without time control. The controls don’t have SPORTident equipment. The model event represents the Long Final area, map and control placement.

Overview map

Competition Area – Out Of Bounds
Please respect the out of bounds areas marked on the model event map. Entering the competition area for the Long Final race may lead to disqualification.

Service: There are no shops at the model finish area. A small shop and a restaurant is open 700 metres away in the centre of Gánt. First aid facilities are not available either. You can find water and toilets at the finish area.