Interview with the Technical Director

The organizers of WMOC are constantly working on the race, we asked Viktor Morandini about the work process and the courses.

You can watch the interview here or you can read it below.

Tell us about yourself, how did you become the technical director of WMOC 2021?
I’m a third generation orienteer I’ve been doing the sport for almost 25 years now. I have also set courses for many international events and Hungarian championships. I’m also a project manager by trade so this made me the ideal candidate for the job.

What difficulties do course setters face?
We are trying to do something in nine months that usually takes two to three years, but we already had a competition in mind for about 1000 people, so we are just trying to scale that up. Our biggest challenge right now is that we don’t know how many people to expect whether it will be 2000 or 4000 or anything in between, so we are trying to be agile in our course setting.

Please introduce us the course setters.
We have 8 course setters all together for the different disciplines. They have a very good mix of experience from both Hungarian and national championships many of them are members of the Hungarian national team and have done this for many years so I’m very confident that they will do great courses for everyone.

How is the work going?
Almost all the courses are ready by now. Normally it should be ready a year before the event but as I said we only had nine months for everything. We have unexpected challenges sometimes, but we have a good group, and we could solve everything so far.

Tell us an interesting story about your work process
Many years ago, I used to date a girl who lives in the embargoed area for the spring qualifier and whenever we were strolling around her place, I always imagine that this could make great place for some orienteering event, but I never imagined that this would be a WMOC.

Viktor Morandini interview