COVID Update 3 COVID-19 Info Update 26/05/2021

The new COVID-19 update has come out, it can be found here. (more…)

7 days until 2nd deadline 7 Days Until 2nd Entry Deadline! 25/05/2021

There is only one week left before the 2nd entry deadline of the 2021 WMOC! (more…)

Route Choice from Forrest Terrain 23/05/2021

Here is a long route choice from the terrain of the Forest Qualification and the Long Final. Which route is the fastest? (more…)

Preview of FQ and LF Terrains 22/05/2021

Take a look at WMOC 2021 Forest Qualification and Long Final terrains here. (more…)

Hungária Cup 2021 Hungária Cup 2021 21/05/2021

Did you know that originally we planned to organise a Hungária Cup in 2021? (more…)

Logo Evolution The Evolution of Our Logo 19/05/2021

Due to the short timeframe, for the starting point we took one of the design that we got for an in-house competition for the 2024 European Orienteering Championships which is also going to be held in Hungary. (more…)

Mars on Earth 17/05/2021

After the long final you will have the opportunity to hike in a very special place. (more…)

Camping Accomodations Camping Accommodations 16/05/2021

Spring is here! Accommodations are opening up which can be perfect for WMOC. (more…)

Terrain Change Terrain Change 13/05/2021

Due to a request from the local hunting company, the WMOC Organising Committee decided to relocate the Forest Qualification and Long Final races. (more…)

WMOC Tour 1st entry deadline Extended 1st Entry Deadline for WMOC Tour 12/05/2021

The first entry deadline for WMOC Tour is on the 17th May (next Monday)! (more…)