The Evolution of Our Logo

Due to the short timeframe, for the starting point we took one of the design that we got for an in-house competition for the 2024 European Orienteering Championships which is also going to be held in Hungary. The creator of the design is Márta Szuromi and with her help we managed to create our current logo as seen on our pages.

One of our course setter had the great idea to put the famous “Cube” on top of the hill as this boulder gave the name for the region around it. We already wrote about this rock formation, you can read our short description here.

For the main colour we decided on the orange for the sunny hills the competition is going to be held on and it nicely resembles the colour of the controls. The dark green of the thick vegetation gave us a nicely contrasting shade. The textures used are completely hand-crafted in an analogue fashion using watercolours and paintbrushes. We became such a big fun of the result that we started to use the same textures in multiple ways like on the O-shirts shown here.

At this point we only had to agree on the text, font and border to tie the logo together and we were done after only about 36 variations.

While we absolutely adore the complete logo, in practice we realised that it doesn’t fit with some of the ways we want to use it. This is the reason that on our posts and images you only see a simplified version without the hills and the border around it.

Logo Evolution