COVID Update news 2 COVID-19 Info Update 07/06/2021

The new COVID-19 update has come out, it can be found on our webpage.
It is comforting that the number of COVID cases have been decreasing more and more. (more…)

Second Entry Deadline 1351 Entries 1351 Entries! 06/06/2021

Thank you for all 1351 entries! We can not wait to see you all in Velence! (more…)

Magical Lake Velence 04/06/2021

Stunning Lake Velence has a lot to offer. (more…)

Behind the Scenes Promo Video: Behind The Scenes 02/06/2021

Check out this picture made during the shooting! Would you have thought that the cameramen were skating? (more…)

WMOC 2011 News WMOC 2011 01/06/2021

Do you remember when the last WMOC took place in Hungary? (more…)

Sprint Routechoice Route Choice from Sprint 31/05/2021

Here is an interesting route choice from the terrain of the Sprint Qualification. (more…)

2 days until deadline 2 Days Left! 30/05/2021

The 2nd entry deadline of the WMOC 2021 is almost here. (more…)

Etyek Wine Etyek Wineregion 29/05/2021

Located between the two mountains of Velence and Budapest, Etyek’s Wine Region covers an area of 1600 hectares nowadays. (more…)

WMOC 2021 Promo Video WMOC 2021 Promo Video 28/05/2021

Good weather is finally here! Check out our latest video (more…)

WMOC Products Exclusive WMOC 2021 Products 27/05/2021

Great news! You can now order the official WMOC 2021 O-shirt via IOF Eventor. (more…)