SQ Results 07/08/2021

Official results and splits have been published on our website:

SF Expected Start Times 07/08/2021

You can find the expected start times for the sprint final here. You can calculate your own before we publish the official start times. 

Event Director Adam Lengyel Welcome from The Arena 07/08/2021

Event Director, Ádám Lengyel is welcoming everybody from the Arena. (more…)

Important 06/08/2021

There can be major traffic jams on the M7 motorway, and Saturday mornings can be especially problematic with people travelling to Lake Balaton!
Make sure to depart from Budapest on time!

ALMOST The Event of WMOC 2021 Will Finally Start Tomorrow 05/08/2021

There will be two model events on the 6th of August, a technical model event at the Event Center in Velence, and also a sprint model event in Székesfehérvár (more…)

COVID Update news 2 COVID Bulletin Has Been Published 03/08/2021

The COVID Bulletin is now available here. (more…)

Some Astonishing Numbers 31/07/2021

We are getting close to get everything ready. There are only 7 days left until the first race, the Sprint Qualification. (more…)

Thermal Baths of Budapest 29/07/2021

They say that Budapest is the city of baths so in this final tourism post, we would like to show you the 3 best thermal baths in Budapest. (more…)

Start Lists Are Ready 27/07/2021

Start lists for the qualifications are uploaded to Eventor! You can find them here: Sprint and Forest.

Forest Qualification How does the Forest Qualification (FQ) work? 26/07/2021

We think this question comes up quite often, which is understandable as the qualification system is a bit tricky. We would like to try and give you a simple but fulfilling summary. (more…)