How Many WMOC Have You Been to? 15/04/2021

We asked you about your previous WMOC attendances. We found impressive, that almost 200 people have participated more than 10 WMOCs! You must have some beautiful memories and exciting stories!

Event to Be Held 13/04/2021

We are pleased to inform you that after analysing the results of our recent survey we have come to the conclusion that WMOC 2021 shall be held! There will be no entry limit, preparations will continue even in case the number of entries does not reach 1500 by 3rd May. (more…)

Thank You for Your Responses 11/04/2021

Thank you for all 1563 of you that have filled out our survey regarding your intention of participation.

The results are being analysed. New important information is to be expected on Tuesday here and on Facebook.

Stay tuned!

Survey Participation Survey 29/03/2021

Please help the work of the organisers by filling out this short survey and passing it on to other potential WMOC 2021 participants!


Venues of WMOC 2021 22/03/2021

As you might already know, the event centre is located in the town of Velence, right on the shore of Lake Velence, the third biggest natural lake of Hungary. It takes about 35 minutes from Budapest city centre or 50 minutes from Budapest International Airport (BUD) to reach Velence on the motorwayThe town is also well connected with public transport.   (more…)

Forest Maps Are Ready 09/03/2021
The maps for the Forest races are ready!
The WMOC Forest competitions consist of one Qualification race, a Middle Final race and a Long Final race, all of which will be conducted in moderately hilly areas in the Velence Hills. (more…)
Spring Season to Start Soon 02/03/2021

We have great news! 
In accordance with the latest regulations of the Hungarian government, the Hungarian Orienteering Federation gave green light to the opening of the spring season. This is a hopeful sign regarding the future of the 2021 WMOC as well. (more…)

WMOC Tour Bulletin 1 15/02/2021

The Bulletin 1 of the WMOC 2021 Tour is already out. Click the picture below to read it.

Host of the 2021 WMOC Sprint Final: Székesfehérvár 12/02/2021

The map of the Sprint Final is almost done. The race will be organised in the historical downtown of Székesfehérvár, a beautiful historical city in Central Hungary, located close to the Velence Mountains and 10 kilometres from Lake Velence. (more…)

Event Director Adam Lengyel Introduction 02/02/2021

We are honoured that in 2021, contrary to previous plans, Hungary will be able to host the World Masters Orienteering Championships. Our association, the Tabáni Spartacus SKE, won the organisational rights in November 2020, and we started planning and preparations with a team of more than 20 volunteers the day after the decision of the International Orienteering Federation. (more…)