How does the Forest Qualification (FQ) work?

We think this question comes up quite often, which is understandable as the qualification system is a bit tricky. We would like to try and give you a simple but fulfilling summary. The detailed rules can be found here (p. 25-27).

  • The FQ is a qualification race for BOTH Middle and Long Final races.
  • There will be ONE final for categories with LESS than 20 competitors, and TWO finals for everyone else.
  • Based on the FQ results, the first half gets into the Middle A-finals and the second half into the B-finals.
  • Based on the Middle Final race, the BEST few B finalists SWITCH place with the LAST few A finalists for the Long Final!

So, if you mess up the FQ, do not worry, because you still have a chance for getting into the A-finals in the Long race!

We hope this clarifies the system, but we are happy to explain everything in details when we meet in less than two weeks!

Forest Qualification