Event Centre 24/07/2021

We would like to show you the Event Centre which is located in the Entz Ferenc Agricultural Secondary School in Velence. (more…)

Rogue Cave 22/07/2021

We offer another interesting outing for a relaxing day or afternoon to the participants of the competition. (more…)

Check Your Entry Data 22/07/2021

We ask you again to please check your entry data here, and if you catch any errors contact us at info@wmoc2021.hu


Rabbitholes Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere 21/07/2021

Our WMOC location scouts have reported that recently there have been many rabbit sightings. (more…)

Bulletin 2 Bulletin 2 is Out 20/07/2021

Bulletin 2 has been published officially. You can find it here.

Check Your Entry Data 19/07/2021

We uploaded the final entry list to our website, you may find it here. (more…)

Sustainability 17/07/2021

Protecting the environment and sustainability have been extremely important to the organisers of WMOC 2021. (more…)

Brunszvik Castle Brunszvik Castle 15/07/2021

Today, we would like to show you one of the most beautiful castles in Hungary. A little piece of England comes alive in Martonvásar, while visiting the English, Neo-Gothic styled Brunszvik Castle and its incredibly beautiful park. (more…)

Weather News Weather in Hungary 13/07/2021

August is a warm month in Central Hungary, it brings some of the sunniest days with an average of 13 hours of sunlight. (more…)

LF RC Route Choice from FQ and LF Terrain 11/07/2021

Prepare for the Forest Q and Long F races with a route choice from the terrain! (more…)