Attention 11/08/2021

It is very slow to cross the pontoon bridge to the parking area.
Please be on time!

FQ Photos 10/08/2021

Congratulations to everyone for fighting through their courses despite the extreme heat!
Here are some selected pictures of today’s race.

Today’s Results, Tommorrow’s Startlist 10/08/2021

You can find the Middle Final startlist here.
Official results are uploaded on our website as well, find them on the daily site.

László Zentai Interview About SF With László Zentai 09/08/2021

We made a short interview with László Zentai, council member of IOF about the Sprint Final. See how he experienced yesterday’s race over on our facebook page.

SF Aftermovie 09/08/2021

Let’s have a look at the Sprint Final aftermovie! (more…)

SF Photos 09/08/2021

You can find all of the pictures from yesterday here

SF Results and Maps 08/08/2021

You can check out the official results and the maps of today’s competition here. (more…)

SQ Photos 08/08/2021

You can find all of the pictures from Sprint Qualification here.

!! Attention !! 07/08/2021

The embargoed area needs to be vacated by 8:00!
If your accommodation is inside the embargoed area, please find the shortest way out of it.

SF Startlists 07/08/2021

We published the Sprint Final startlists.
You can find them on the top of the daily page or directly here.