COVID Update news 2 COVID-19 Info Update 11/05/2021

The new COVID update has come out, it can be found on our webpage here. (more…)

Bory-castle Bory-castle – the Hungarian Taj Mahal 09/05/2021

We know of just a few artists who built their own monument or museum in their own lifetime, but Jenő Bory was one of them. (more…)

1063 Entries 1063 Entries! 08/05/2021

Thank you for all 1063 entries! We are looking forward to seeing you all in August!
If you missed this chance, not to worry! The 2nd entry deadline is on the 1st of June, (more…)

Áron Bakó Interview Interview with the Middle Final’s Course Setter 07/05/2021

The WMOC courses are getting their final touches, we asked Áron Bakó about the Middle Final courses. (more…)

Official O-shirts Dress Up for Success! 06/05/2021

We have some amazing news for you! (more…)

Giveaway Winners Giveaway Winners 04/05/2021

After a long time of waiting we are happy to inform you that we have the winners of our T-shirt giveaway! Congratulations to (more…)

First Entry Deadline 03/05/2021

Tonight is the first entry deadline.
Don’t forget to make your entries here.

Accomodation Update Accommodation Update 02/05/2021

Good news, budget accommodation will be soon available! The official booking site of WMOC will soon offer a wide range of lodging options. (more…)

Relive Your WMOC Memories 01/05/2021

Watch this nostalgic video and relive your favourite memories of earlier WMOC editions! Can you spot yourself? We hope you are as excited for this year’s championships as we are! (more…)

3 days until deadline Did you know? 30/04/2021

Did you know that in Hungarian Venice is called “Velence”? (more…)