Interview with the Middle Final’s Course Setter

The WMOC courses are getting their final touches, we asked Áron Bakó about the Middle Final courses.

You can watch the interview here or you can read it below.

Please tell us about your orienteering and course setter experiences!
I was a course setter several times at the spring and autumn Spartacus Cup which has 700-800 participants in Hungary, and I’ve been in the national team since 2015 and I’ve participated at several WOC and EOC as well and some World Cups.

When did you start the work, how is it going?
We have started the planning in 2020 December, and we are almost in the finish line with the courses. Some small adjustments need to be made but the courses are almost ready.

How difficult will the courses be technically?
They will be quite challenging especially if we compare them with other Hungarian terrains and I think it is most like some terrains in Portugal and I think the runners will like them.

Which is your favorite part of WMOC 2021 middle final terrain?
It’s hard to choose but I like the most where the vegetation is very dense because that is very technical I have made some mistakes when I was trying out some courses there so it will be great.

Áron Bakó Interview