Discover the natural treasures of Lake Velence

Discover the natural treasures of Lake Velence in your hiking boots and a pair of binoculars or via canoe! 

WMOC locations are all very close to Lake Velence. The lake formed 10-12 thousand years ago, which is considered young. One of the interesting things is that it dries out on average every 107 years and then comes to life again. The last time this happened was in 1866, and in 1993 artificial hydration was used to prevent natural dehydration. A significant part of the lake is covered with aquatic vegetation, mainly reeds, but floating bogs have also formed. Therefore, its birdlife is also extremely rich. The wonderful natural world can be observed from both the water and from land. For non-competitive periods, we also offer 2 exciting programs for fans of untouched nature.

Bird watching in the Venice Lake Bird Sanctuary

The Nature Reserve is an important nesting place for waterfowl and a nightly resting place for wild geese from autumn to spring. A 3 km long bird-watching study trail starts from Dinnyés, for which a professional guide can be requested.

The tours in Dinnyés start from the western end of Vörösmarty Street. For more information and guide booking please contact László Fenyvesi at +36-30-663-4630.

There are also two birdwatching towers on the lakeshore. One is located on the Pákozd section of the bike path, the other on the study trail next to Dinnyés. We recommend bringing a pair of binoculars.

The 1.5 and 3-hour guided canoe trips take you quite close to the lake’s natural wildlife. You can explore hidden nooks and crannies in reed labyrinths, where the aquatic life is almost undisturbed, only a few hundred meters from the tourist paradise.

It is necessary to register in advance for the tours:
+36-30-272-3292 /

Lake Velence from The Water