COVID-19 Info Update

Our latest COVID-19 update is now available on our website.

For the time being, there are about 50 new COVID cases daily and more than half of the Hungarian population has already been fully vaccinated. A further easing of the restrictions has been introduced on 3rd July. Face masks are now only mandatory in hospitals and social institutions. Restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs, shops and all services may be open again without any restriction.

Last week more than 600 orienteers participated in Hungary’s international 5-days orienteering event, the Hungaria Cup.

The new EU immunity certificates have been in effect from 1st July. All European Union citizens can claim this card in their own country, and all EU members (Hungary included) must accept it. Since Norway and Switzerland are also connected to the EU Digital COVID certificate, their citizens possess the same rights when entering Hungary. The organisers can provide an invitation letter for competitors that have already made their entries and need this for their visa request. For more information about this procedure, please consult the link above.

Stay tuned for our next COVID-19 update that comes out in two weeks!

COVID Passport