COVID-19 Info Update

Our latest COVID-19 update is now available on our website.

The number of active COVID cases has been decreasing steadily for the past two months in Hungary, with around 200 new cases daily at the moment. More than 45% of the population has already been fully vaccinated.

Last weekend more than 700 participants took part in the Hungarian Ultra Long Distance Championship. We encourage all of you to enter the WMOC 2021 if you haven’t done yet!

The new EU immunity card is expected to be introduced by 1st July, making travelling within European Union borders easier for all EU citizens. The certificate will have the same format in the whole EU, but every citizen will be able to claim it in their own country. All member countries – Hungary included – will be obliged to accept the certificate. Stay tuned for more information about the immunity card!

Our next COVID-19 update will be shared in two weeks.

Covid Update #9