We are honoured that in 2021, contrary to previous plans, Hungary will be able to host the World Masters Orienteering Championships. Our association, the Tabáni Spartacus SKE, won the organisational rights in November 2020, and we started planning and preparations with a team of more than 20 volunteers the day after the decision of the International Orienteering Federation. That number has grown to around 40 by now and we will be working with a team of 300 at the championships in August. The organisation time is very short, we have plenty of tasks ahead of us. Fortunately, we managed to put a great team together, full of dedicated clubmates and orienteers.

The organisation of the championships started at the end of a very difficult year in which all the major orienteering world events were cancelled due to the pandemic. We remain confident that we will be able to welcome the best seniors from all over the world at a restriction-free orienteering festival in the summer of 2021. Great locations in Budaörs, Székesfehérvár and the Velence Hills are a given for this. This race is the most prestigious competition of the senior orienteering community each year, and we plan to bring together a worthy event.

Let’s all meet at Lake Velence in August 2021! We are looking forward very much to seeing everyone!


Event Director Adam Lengyel