Long Final race – Csákvár

This is a moderately hilly area between 150-240 m asl with many erosion features (spurs and re-entrants), small hills and man-made pits. Mostly oak forest, partly open areas with irregular thickets and bushes. There is some ground vegetation in the forested areas. There are some granite boulders, mostly 1 to 2 metres, but a couple are as large as 10 metres. Open areas have hard granite surface. Firm ground, no marshes. Runnability and visibility is limited in the forest part and excellent in the open areas. Moderate track density.

Map: ISOM 2017-2 standard, scale 1:10,000 / 1:7,500, contour interval 5 m. An old FootO map from 1991 and an old MTBO map from 2019 are available from here. New survey in March-August 2020, updates May 2021.